Services – Professional Advising

Feeling discouraged or overwhelmed by the legal jumbo? MANY STUDENTS FEEL POWERLESS when it comes to standing up to the student loan lenders – LET US HELP YOU!


Deciding to fight for your rights with the student loan companies is a major decision – and so is filing for bankruptcy! The legal procedures are often confusing and there are many factors to consider before you actually decide to proceed.

You are not alone in this process! We offer consulting/advising services for those individuals who want one-on-one support and guidance with filing a bankruptcy and preparing for an adversary lawsuit against the college loan companies.

Even if you have already hired an attorney, this is a great way to supplement his/her advice, and could save you countless hours in trying to figure out the complicated processes and legal repercussions, as well as reduce the chance of making costly mistakes. Filing an adversary lawsuit is an expensive decision and the legal process itself may take a year. We will gladly provide the extra help if you decide to fight back!

Here are just some of the services we offer:

  • Compiling financial documents;
  • Preparation for the Bankruptcy meeting;
  • Preparation for the Adversary Deposition;
  • Solidifying a clear and defendable financial story;
  • Clarifying expectations and understanding the entire process;
  • Help with both private and federal loans;
  • 3 or more sessions includes a free Deluxe Discharge Guide ($109 value)
  • …much, more more!

Fees are available upon request. Contact us today to find out how to build a strong case and be back on your way to good financial standing!


Bankruptcy 101 + Loan Lawsuit Combo
(Best Value)
If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy and challenging your student loans, this guide is for you! Gain access to complete information on bankruptcy, including bankruptcy trustee questions, and forms for Chapter 7, 11, and 13 questionnaires, as well as detailed information on how to discharge your student loans - such as drafting your complaint, the discovery process, actual deposition questions and mediation, among lots of other useful resources that will help you understand exactly what to expect.