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Are you passionate about bringing awareness, education and equality to others?  Does making a difference in someone’s life inspire you? Do you want to be the spark that ignites hope in many?  If this sounds like you, the movement for change is happening now at College Debt Solution, and we welcome you to join the cause!

The majority of higher education students maintain the optimistic rationale that by harnessing their skills, talent and motivation to successfully complete their study program, future earnings will inevitably cover college debt. The truth is, in the USA there is close to $1 trillion dollars in outstanding debt, with an average of over $24,000 per student. In the first five years after entering repayment, two out of every five student loan borrowers – or 41%- have been delinquent at some point.
(Source: Institute for Higher Education Policy).

We cannot pay back our debt with good intentions. Regardless of career path post grad, the harsh reality of struggling with repayment has, and will continue to, affect many as they deal with unemployment and changes to their financial or family situations. Student loans can quickly become burdensome and stressful. Unaware of the options, it is easy to be become discouraged, and overwhelmed.

At College Debt Solution, we have experienced first hand the frustration of trying to navigate the complexities of debt repayment, and have made it our objective to provide a better understanding to anyone struggling with college loans. Through our knowledge share programs, we assist those that need to know their options for paying back college debt, and we provide tools and resources designed to lay a better foundation for understanding loan options in advance of agreement to debt terms.

As our organization grows, we have some very specific objectives to accomplish through our crowd funding and volunteer efforts. These include, but are not limited to:

  • ŸProviding up-to-date legal and policy changes for students
  • Offering webinars and ebooks to help others understand the actual loan process and available resources
  • ŸDeveloping partnerships with organizations that add to the existing services (school-specific information, etc.)

We need dedicated volunteers that truly want to make a difference. Join us in fighting for the rights of students in America. Only through our united efforts can we put an end to the unfair advantage big business lenders have over student borrowers. To learn more, just complete the ‘Inquire How to Help‘ form.

Particularly at this time, the following specific skills would greatly help us grow, and serve our borrowers better:

  • Blog Writing; Website Optimization; Marketing and PR; Social Media Knowledge; Programming; Website Design

If you feel strongly about the cause, but can not at this time offer volunteer time or services, you can still help by sharing our message with others. If you wish to make a donation towards our cause, please find at an easy and secure way to arrange your contribution. Any amount donated is greatly appreciated, and will put us closer to our goal of becoming the resource that is vital to student borrowers.

Without question, higher education learning takes significant drive, ambition and determination – as will revolutionizing the existing college debt repayment system of understanding. However, by harnessing the power of our shared knowledge, and through promoting a better understanding of student loan repayment processes, together we can make a difference.

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

-James Cash Penney

Join the Cause
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