Company Overview

Welcome to College Debt Solution! Who knew that the toughest part about getting a higher education was not taking tests and writing papers, but actually PAYING FOR IT AFTER YOU GRADUATE?

Can you believe the current debt for Student loans in the United States now totals $1 trillion — eclipsing the amount owed on credit cards?  As many students continue to accumulate more debt, they find that it is not always easy to find resources available to help make the best financial decisions.

Our company specializes in helping borrowers find the best possible options to address their student loan debt. We provide more than just a single alternative – on the contrary, we offer a central source of resources and information to level the playing field between the lenders and, You, the borrower. Navigating through the bureaucratic process of whom to contact, how to find the best loans, consolidate existing loans or filing a hardship lawsuit against student loan organizations, is often shrouded with complexity to the point of discouragement. The way we want to assist our clients now and in the future is embodied in our company’s mission and vision.


Our Mission:

It is our goal to provide innovative college debt relief strategies equipping you to manage your college debt and find reasonable solutions and relief; allowing you to get your life back and enjoy the benefits of your education.

Our Vision:

College Debt Solution will be the debt solutions industry leader in educating, finding and implementing strategies helping many to regain enjoyment of their careers and lives; as they learn to effectively manage their college debt.


We want to empower all borrowers with the information and tools to make informed decisions and improve your chances of successfully managing your loans. After all, didn’t you attend college to improve your way of life?