Creative Methods to Finance Your Education

With so much student debt, there are actually many ways students can pursue their education and avoid getting loans way over their head. The following methods include loans, scholarships, grants, and donations.

Peer-To-Peer Funding

peer-lendingPeer-to-peer funding has been around for some time, but more so thought of for businessloans. This is an excellent alternate method to finance one’s education. They have low fixed rates varying from 6.73% to 9.36% APR. There are no hidden fees and it’s an easy application. Prosper and the Lending Club are two well-known Peer-to-peer funding lenders.

College Debt Solution also offers some Peer-to-Peer lenders they partner with. Borrower’s present their case and a lender or lenders pitch in what they can to create a win-win situation for a

Find a Benefactor.

There are many well-known programs, such as the National Health Services Corps, AmeriCorps, ROTC programs, and the Peace Corp that have programs set up to forgive student loan debts in exchange for their service commitment over a course of a few years. Other programs exist as well such as with nursing opportunities or for teachers teaching in inner city school systems.

Get a Non-Traditional Scholarship

Instead of applying for scholarships based on need, racial backgrounds, or academic achievements, you can apply for a non-traditional scholarship. Look into out of the ordinary requests such as unique designs for fashion school or a scholarship where you volunteer to help an exotic cause.

Check Out Alternate Social Media Sites Methods

You can turn to social media sites such as Edulender and Sponsor My Degree to see if you can have others sponsor your education. Set your profile up and request donations for school on your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn sites.


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