About Founder

TroyMy name is Troy and I graduated with a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology in 2006. Like so many students, I just continued to borrow money to complete my education without fully understanding the implications.

Upon graduating, I found myself deep in debt. I owed over a 100,000 in private and federal loans. The monthly payment worked out to be around $2,500 – easily more than I could afford. Given that I borrowed both federal and private loans, it was difficult figuring out how much I owed and the repayment options. After spending countless hours researching options that best fit my budget, I finally found a repayment plan that worked for me despite encounter a lot of misleading information.

After surviving this ordeal, I decided to start a company that would make the process of finding reasonable solutions to financing one’s education or loan repayment easier. This was how College Debt Solution was born. The company founded on the mission to empower the borrower with the resources and tools to make informed decisions to manage debt more effectively.

I know there are other graduates that can relate to my experience, who went to school and worked hard, and borrowed money to pay for their education. They study and make sacrifices in order to improve their lives while the student loan companies take advantage. Let us help you level the playing field today.